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Victoria Hummer, MSW, LCSWVictoria (Vicki) Hummer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is the Owner and CEO of HeartLight Counseling, Education & Wellness in Largo FL.

HeartLight is located in a spacious office suite at 10333 Seminole Blvd., Suite 14, in the University Professional Center Complex, with room to grow a wellness component and children’s program. While Vicki’s specialty is treatment of traumatic stress in children and adults, she also effectively provides healing for those living with a range of emotional and behavioral health concerns. Ms. Hummer has extensive experience with helping children, adolescents and transitioning young adults to find and illuminate their “heart light” as a metaphor for the shining resiliency inherent in all of us. Exemplified in the iconic movie “ET: the Extra-Terrestrial” the heartlight symbolizes the peace and “shine” that occurs in our “heart” when we make a strong and empathic connection with another, regardless of our differences.

Vicki embraces a calm, curious and compassionate approach with all individuals seeking healing and guidance. Utilizing psychodynamic and developmental approaches to life’s problems, Vicki also practices evidenced-based therapies such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). Please call HeartLight at (727) 432-2852 or contact Vicki at Vicki@HeartLightcew.com. Stay tuned for Website Reveal!

Content Areas

HeartLight Counseling: Victoria Hummer has 30 years experience in counseling individuals and families experiencing hardship, trauma, loss, developmental or emotional/behavioral challenges and life transitions. She specializes in helping people to get in touch with the strength of their own “heart light” through strengths based processing and motivational interviewing. Vicki tailors the treatment to the individual based on established goals, culture and internal and external resources. She utilizes the strength of the relationship with established evidenced-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) within a psychodynamic and development framework.

HeartLight Kids: Ms. Hummer has extensive experience in helping children and adolescents overcome issues related to trauma exposure, self-esteem, delayed development, oppositional or defiant behavior and mood/emotional regulation. Having completed a yearlong Post-Master’s Fellowship at the Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine, Vicki is knowledgeable and experienced in psychodynamic play therapy techniques. She is also trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), a gold standard to treat children who have experienced trauma.

With years of experience as a trainer and consultant for child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health facilities and schools, Vicki has developed, supervised and delivered services to some of society’s most challenged young clients. As a foster and adoptive parent of now grown children, she understands the experiences of parents struggling to develop an emotional attachment to their adopted child so they can be helped to overcome their early traumatic experiences. Ms. Hummer has a particular heart for struggling teens and their exasperated parents, having been a family recipient of excellent services that ultimately helped her own adolescent children during turbulent years.

Testimonials from Counseling Clients: +

HeartLight Education: Ms. Hummer is a Faculty Consultant with the Sanctuary Institute in Yonkers, NY.  She trains and consult with organizations internationally that adopt the Sanctuary Model of trauma informed care organizational change. She also trains her home community in Tampa Bay, Florida in Trauma Informed Care, Psychological First Aid, Motivational Interviewing, Cultural and Linguistic Competence, Mental Health First Aid, and Post-Traumatic Stress Management.

Vicki is known for her engaging style and individualized approach to audiences. Her presentations are always interactive and compelling, peppered with real-life stories with which the audience finds compassion and commonality. Ms. Hummer was previously a Researcher in the Department of Child and Family Studies and is an Adjunct Professor in the Children’s Behavioral Healthcare Bachelor’s Program at the University of South Florida. Ms. Hummer has 30 years of clinical experience and 10 years of research experience in the areas of trauma, children’s mental health, adoption, and child welfare.

Vicki has co-authored journal articles on trauma informed care and done over 200 presentations on the topic. She is an adoptive parent whose advocacy has led to an improved service system for this population in the Tampa Bay area. Vicki presents widely at conferences and has provided training and consultation in general trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care to local and statewide clients such as the Pasco County Schools, University of South Florida College of Behavior and Community Sciences, Dept. of Juvenile Justice, The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, The Children’s Home, Inc., Eckerd Community Alternatives, BayCare, Metropolitan Ministries, The Children’s Home Society, Alpha House of Tampa, The Sylvia Thomas Center for Adoptive Families among many more.

Testimonials from participants:

“Vicki kept our Humanist audience at rapt attention during her two hour training on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma responsive care. We learned practical things we can do in the best interest of those in our own circles and in society. She provided real life, evidenced-based, strategies to address the complex impact of childhood trauma on individuals and generations of families.

After her presentation, and a lengthy Q&A, we all went out to a leisurely dinner where Vicki graciously offered our members more personal and private consultation time. I can’t recommend her more highly as a speaker.

-Jordan Williams, Board of Directors, Suncoast Humanists

Clinical Supervision: As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1994, and a Qualified Supervisor for Clinical Social Work with the state of Florida since 1996, Vicki provides ongoing comprehensive individual and group clinical supervision for Clinical Social Work Registered Interns as required for licensure.

Testimonials from Registered Interns: +

HeartLight Wellness: Research and experience tells us that traumatic memories are stored in the body as sensory “imprints.” Therefore, no approach to trauma is complete without the addition of physical and wellness strategies that support healing in the body. HeartLight, LLC offers a holistic approach to healing and resiliency by adding therapies and education that strengthen the body through breathwork, meditation, massage, yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong, and other introductory workshops and classes designed to strengthen our resistance to traumatic impact and toxic stress. Both potential clients and practitioners of the healing arts are encouraged to contact us as we develop this component of our practice designed to seek and brighten our “heart light.”

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